Trading Computers Buyer's Guide

By Scott Tafel, founder of

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What to look for when buying a trading computer

What to look for when buying a monitor array

Getting an edge with Trading Computers and Multiple Monitors

When you begin to actively manage your money to improve the return on your investments you become a trader. As a trader you need to "get an edge" on the market everywhere you can. Without an edge you have no advantage.

Home or office computers are very limited and provide no advantage for traders. They use cheap components and only have one or two monitors. If you trade the market with one monitor on your computer it is like driving a car with no side or rear view; it is possible but you have no edge.

You gain advantage and "get an edge" through your methods and equipment. Trading computers are built to run better than home or office computers. A trading computer has superior computing power for running trading software and has multiple monitors so you can see what's going on. When you can run trading software and see what's going on, your methods improve.

Good trading computers also come with strong technical support to keep you up and running at peak performance all the time.

What to consider when buying a trading computer:

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