Trading Computers Buyer's Guide

By Scott Tafel, founder of

Final Thoughts

Internet Speed

A lot of people ask me how they can make their Internet speed faster and they suggest buying more bandwidth will get them a faster Internet connection. Bandwidth is "how much" not "how fast". Beyond a certain point you are wasting your money buying more bandwidth.

I recommend a robust package from your cable company (not phone company). 10 gigabits or more of download bandwidth is common and more than enough for trading.


Powerful computers need more fans than cheap computers in or to keep them cool. You should not expect a trading computer to be as quiet as an inexpensive home & office computer. If you have a very quiet room for your trading computer you may want to get a trading computer that has been fitted with sound proofing materials and special low noise fans (Falcon Trading Comptuer offers this on all their models).

Laptops with more powerful processors in them will make much more noise than a desktop. If your laptop is really loud then it probably is choked with dust and needs to be cleaned.


Good technical support will help you shake off all kinds of computer bugs that can hold back your trading computer. Falcon trading computers offer outstanding technical support for as long as you own the computer.

If you trade real money you should have a warranty with on-site repair service. If you need to box up and send in your trading computer for repair every time something goes wrong you could lose a lot of opportunity money while you wait for your trading computer to return from being repaired.

Having a warranty longer than three years isn't necessarily a good thing. After three years the components that were used to build your computer are no longer manufactured. Replacements will consist of something new but cheap; they may not even work with your computer.

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